Gay Guy/Straight Guy : Shut Your Mouth and Eat Your Cake


(50) – Lathe Cut Vinyl w/ Diecut jacket


Side A:
Eat Your Cake |  Nashville | Sinking Ship | Everything Is Perfect
Side B:
Movement | Side to Side | Reduce & Rebuild | Surf Puck

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if you know nick & bob you know they’re 2 of the nicest guys you could ever spend your time with, after working with them on this release i got to see that not only are they great people but they aren’t afraid to put the work in… we’ve had many late nights of pizza and beer while cutting the jackets and making the vinyl. if it weren’t for their help there’s no way i would have been able to get all of this done on my own so quickly.

a few years back i was lucky enough to walk into the Saint in Asbury and catch their live set and for only being a 2 piece band the wall of sound they pump out is something you really have to experience. we were later introduced through mutual friends and they shared a rough mix of these songs with me, with each listen i became even more hooked.  their appreciation of 90’s rock mixed with a modern groove is clear the album will officially drop on Cinco De Mayo & we will be throwing an official release party at House of Independents in Asbury Park as part of our 5 Year Anniversary celebration. you can stream the title track from the album in the player above.

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